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Sustainable bamboo headphones

Plastic waste is a serious concern today which is generated by all kinds of industries. In electronics, plastic is a widely used material. This product is more sustainable than the regular plastic headphone body as more than 70% of the material used in the body is environment-friendly or recyclable. This product can be built by using any bamboo species, with existing bamboo handling & craft techniques. This contributes to a greener future and adds a contemporary yet Indian visual to the product. This headphone celebrates Bamboo craftsmanship, holds the potential to be mass manufactured, and give a new design direction to electronic products.

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Prototyping is done in IDC facility IIT Bombay, 

Prototyping is done in IDC facility IIT Bombay, 

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The process starts with coiling strips of bamboo, these strips are treated to prevent termites and these coiled bamboo rings are used as major parts in headphones

These parts are then sanded and finished.

Some parts are made from direct bamboo sections, which is reinforced with bamboo strips

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Stained bamboo strips are weaved to create externals of ear cups. 

To protect these parts, a double coating of melamine is done on every part, this coating gives matt finish tot he parts. 

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Drives of existing headphones are used in Bambass  

Vegan leather, with the help of a cobbler the headband cover is sandwiched around the band. 

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Colour variations

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