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Tabs management

image 23.png
Group 33 (1).png

Rudimentary search steps


A google search in general terms starts with this process

Current tabs structure


Following is the structure of the current tab presentation

Group 31.png

Proposed tabs Structure


Following is the structure of the proposed tab presentation

Group 32.png

Steps to execute Sub-tabs

Group 16 (1).png
Group 10.png

Right click and select Open link as sub tab

Group 15 (1).png
Group 10.png

Multiple sub-tabs can be included in Parent tabs

Group 17 (1).png

Repeat the same process again to create more sub tabs

Group 37.png

Advantge in Bookmarking

For book marking user can bookmark the parent tab instead of bookmarking individual tab which bring ease to open same set of tabs with one minimum clicks 



Tab Congestion while on any search engine is one of the most messed up experiences which is not been properly resolved properly yet.

Micro-automation for guitar beginners

Guitar Lesson
Group 38.png



Beginners often practice the guitar by finding chords online, the websites which serve this purpose simply put the lyrics and chords in text form, which create the following issues

1) it is hard to switch the site between strings & the location of the current chord on the phone screen.

2) user need to scroll the screen which plays the further chords which need to be played

Group 34 (1).png


Pro guitar tuner

Guitar tuner

Tuner & Metrono

Phones can recognise chords!

Today phones are capable enough to listen and recognise which chord you are playing, there are various apps on the playstore which are serving as guitar tuners for different instruments not just guitar.

How do these apps work?

All chords of very instrument has a distinguished frequency and pitch  through which the phone recognises it, infact these apps suggest the need to tighten or loosen the strings in order to achieve the perfect sound & all this in a matter of mili seconds.

image 35.png

Proposed Solution

Responsive websites which serve chords for guitarists can integrate the use of microphone and auto-scroll feature, this will reduce the need to touch the phone while practising.

Turn on volume for better understanding.
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